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Galapagos National Park Fees

The Galapagos National Park fee Entrance is $100 USD per person, it is subject to change without notice, and also paid only in cash.


The Galapagos Islands are of volcanic origin, located 1000 km off on the Pacific Ocean (600 miles ). The climate of the archipelago it is influenced by two sea-currents, one is cold the other is warm, with a major influence of the cold Humboldt current from Antarctica.

At the Galapagos Islands we  have two seasons,  the “hot or humid” the Seaton lasts from December until early May with an  average temperature of  25 C/77 F while the “cold or dry Season” from May until December with an average temperature of 18 C / 64 F.


Ecuador has a  110V


Usa dollar.

Weigh restrictions

Galapagos Airlines have a weight limito f 20 kilos (44 lbs)

Be aware

Your luggage or hand luggage will be inspected and scanned  by SICGAL the Galapagos Quarantine Program. This inspection will be done at airports before you check your luggage, also while arriving at the islands.

For further information visit

Galapagos Migration Card

All visitor have to register at INGALA and proceed to fill the information with full names, passport, date, nationality, birthdate. This paper work procedure has to  be filled before your flight at the airports in Quito or Guayaquil. The costs is USD 10 per person and can change without previous notice. It has to be paid in cash at the INGALA booth right after your SICGAL inspection.

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