When we think about this área amazon jungle tours of Ecuador, we should realize that covers up almost 50% of the territory of the country, but altogether is over 7.5 million square kilometers distributed in 8 countries and 1 special territory here in South America.

It´s in amazon jungle tours Ecuador where we can see this beautiful área, wether flying into one of the airports (Coca or Lago Agrio) and then to the many lodges in the area, some basic ones to very top class type, and even river cruises that take you in very nice boats where you can have tours from 4, 5 days or even more. While you are at this magical place, you can do and see are hikes, birdwatching, spotting animals specially unique birds, but also monkeys, caymans, otters, turtles, frogs, and countless number of insects, plants, flowers, and also share with local native indigenous groups, and appreciate their way of life, language, traditions, handcrafts, farming, fishing, dances, and how they have been inhabitating since thousand of years ago, and why is so important to preserve this vast and amazing rain forest.

Let us show you, arrange a special visit to the amazon jungle tours of Ecuador. Feel free to ask, and know much more of this incredible part of the world, all questions, doubts, information will be glad to reply to you.

amazon jungle tours
Cuyabeno, Ecuador – October 29, 2006: A canoe with eco-tourists in sunrise on the Laguna Grande in the Cuyabeno National Park.


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