Who haven´t heard, seen, talked about these islands of Galapagos Ecuador? To begin with these islands never ever colonized by any country, not Spain neither England, although all have English names, due pirates and buccaneers that “used” as water and fresh meat sources while sailing the Pacific area.

The archipelago consists of 13 major islands, and 6 smallers islands and over 40 islets. Covering an area of 8000 square kilometers.
Charles Darwin stayed only 32 days at the islands and got amazed with the variety of birds, animals, fish, mammals, reptiles the famous Galapagos Ecuador giant tortoises, lava color sea iguanas, but also yellow iguana ones at land, the famous Darwin´s finches with 14 species that he studied deeply, and came up with the theory of evolution and the natural selection.

Among birds we have blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, red and masked boobies, flamingoes, albratosses, unique and the most northern penguins in the world, non-flying cormorants, warblers, etc etc.

Marine mammals such as sea-lions, dolphins, whales, orcas, and countless numbers of of colorful fish and distinctive plants such as mangroves and endemic cacti.

We can arrange visits wether in cruises from 4, 5, 8 up to 15 days, in boats and yatches of several prices andn sizes, or if you wish and experience staying at one of the hotels/inns at the 4 inhabitated islands (Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana or San Cristóbal)
These islands are also a natural heritage site declared by UNESCO back in 1978 and nowadays declared World Biospehere site, and all the surrounding ocean waters must be preserved are protected too. These islands were the first national park of Ecuador declared in 1959
Diving, Deep see diving, snorkeling, kayaking, are another beautiful activities that you can enjoy here.
The Galapagos Ecuador islands are one of those places that you must experience once in a lifetime and you´ll never ever forget it!

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